Parent / Guardian Involvement

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to spectate their children from the designated spectators areas.

At no time are spectators allowed to enter the courts while classes are in progress unless given permission by the coach.

Public Holiday / Student Free Days

At Malpass Tennis we observe all Queensland & National public holidays – therefore lessons/coaching will be cancelled.

As we are NOT an educational entity, we DO NOT observe student free days.

Wet Weather

For all wet weather days a decision will be made and a notification text message will be sent out at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of each session (Earlier if conditions allow). If no text message is received this means that the session will go ahead as normal.

If you are new to our programs and a text message wasn’t received for a cancelled session, please let us know so we can check your contact information and ensure that future notifications are received. For all sessions that occur immediately following the end of school, a staff member will be on site in all weather conditions to ensure the safety and collection of all students (school based classes).

Make Up Lessons

If a lesson has been cancelled for wet weather or any other reason you will need to book in for a make-up lesson. Once a make up lesson has been requested, you will receive an email with details for how to book in for a group lesson make up option. These options will be held on Sunday of week 5 and 10 of each term.

There is also the option of joining in another class of similar size and standard to make up a cancelled lesson if the week 5 and 10 options are not suitable. If we are unable to find a suitable make up lesson for your class during the term period, a credit voucher will be created and can be used towards future classes or other products and services offered by Malpass Tennis. All payments are non – refundable.

Registration Rollover System

Malpass Tennis has a term to term roll over system for all fixtures programs, private lessons, group lessons and squad lessons. This system applies to all venues and is in place to ensure a hassle free way of maintaining convenient lesson times from term to term.

How does It Work?

Your current lesson time will remain the same and roll over from term to term. If there are any changes to the session such as timing or coach allocation, you will be contacted by email to confirm if these changes are still meeting your requirements, or if another session will be better suited to your needs. If no changes have been made, then your lesson will continue the same as the previous term.

If you would like to change your current timing or lesson structure moving into a new term, you will need to contact us via phone or email, we will then be able to help you find a time and session that will best suit you.

If you do not contact us prior to the start of the new term, your lesson time will remain the same and you will be invoiced accordingly.

What if I forgot or was unable to contact you?

That’s okay, you will still be able to make changes to your lesson times, however your options may become more limited once the term is under way. If you did not contact us and received an invoice for a program you no longer wish to be a part of, you can contact us via phone or email and we will be able to rectify it for you free of charge.

We hope that this new system will help to make term to term lesson booking a smooth and hassle free process for everyone involved.

Court Allocation

All coaching takes precedence over court hire. In the rare case where there is an overlap – we will try our best to fit everyone in, however the final decision lies with management and we expect our patrons to be respectful of this decision, All court hire payments will be honoured for the rescheduled date.

Imagery Consent

During yours/your child’s time with Malpass Tennis, there may be photos/videos taken to shed a light on a players performance, achievements and/or participation. These photos/videos may be used on our website, social media accounts and marketing campaigns.

Should you wish for you or your child to not be included, we ask that you make a written request sent to info@malpasstennis.com.au

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